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Damon To Play First Base

With Doug Mientkiewicz heading to the disabled list, the Yankees are thinking about playing Johnny Damon at first base, and playing Melky Cabrera in center field everyday. Mientkiewicz was injured last night after a collision at first base with Mike Lowell. He was taken to the hospital where they ruled his injury a mild concussion. This will be good for the Yankees because they will have their best defensive outfielder playing everyday. But Damon will need more practice before he goes out there everyday. For the time being, Damon will be designated hitter and will work with Josh Phelps and others to improve at first base. Then he will be slotted at the position. This season, Damon is batting .258 with 3 HR and 18 RBI. Damon played one game at first base last year, so he won't be completely new at it.