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Dunn's Days Are Numbered

Adam Dunn's tenure with the Reds will be ending soon, and Adam Dunn knows it. The NL West is in a closest of all the races in baseball, and has been for so long because of excellent starting rotations but poor offensive numbers. So each NL West should be calling the Reds about Dunn. Not only that, but each team has a pretty deep farm system that could please the Reds. Besides the NL West, the White Sox seem very interested along with the Braves, Astros, Angels, and Tigers. Dunn is on pace for another 40 homerun season and is expected to command 50-60 million dollars this off season, but this will all be determined when he signs during the off season. If he signs early, he will set the tone for money being thrown around. But if he signs late, he will make whatever players of his caliber are making. Dunn is currently batting .275 with 19 HR and 46 RBI and has been with the Reds since 2001.