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Elijah Dukes In More Trouble

Devil Rays top prospect Elijah Dukes is being accused of getting a 17-year-old foster girl living with a relative of Elijah Dukes pregnant. She told the police that she is due in November and that when she confront Dukes, he became angry and threw a Gatorade at her. She went on to say that it was consensual. Dukes has already been linked to four other women who have his children, and has recently been accused of threatening to kill his girlfriend. This is just another reason that the Devil Rays should trade Dukes before he really starts to effect the clubhouse. This is really a sad story because he is such a good ballplayer with so much potential but could be forced to leave baseball if these allegations continue. I do not know what else can be done right now except for a good talk from his manager or a couple guys on the team. I know tons of teams would love him, but it just seems unlikely that a team in the heat of a race would take on a big distraction.