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Fire Sale Approaching

White Sox GM Kenny Williams isn't taking the passive approach and waiting to negotiate with some of his soon to be free agent players after this season, he is shopping them around looking to rebuild his team with young and capable players. First on his block is Jermaine Dye, who has been rumored in the past week to the Yankees for Bobby Abreu. Abreu has a sixteen million dollar option after this season, with a two million dollar buyout. While Dye will be a free agent probably making on the upper end between 30-40 million dollars, minimum. Dye seems to be open to a trade, knowing that a veteran for a veteran type deal won't spark the struggling White Sox: ''I don't think that would do anything,'' Dye said. ''You want to make a trade to make the team better. At this point, teams that trade are teams that feel they are out of it. I don't think we're out of it, so to trade somebody, one of our core players, to try and spark a team, that won't work.'' Kenny Williams is also exploring the option of trading for Aaron Rowand in hopes of a return to the South Side would give him a bigger push to another strong season. Personally, I think this is a smart move by Williams. He can maximize the prospects in return to a team in the division race and a year or two, will be the next Brewers. However, the only downside to this deal is The Tigers and Indians are both improving, and the Royals might be two years away from showing some life in the division. But I still think he should explore those options and then hit the free agent market buying.