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New Project!

Barry Zito has been working with the Strikeouts For Troops for some time now and I have decided to contribute. However many strikeouts he gets, he donates a certain amount of money. If I were a playing on a regular basis like he is over the summer I would do something but I am going to do the same thing I did last time. As of today, I have had about 350,000 people come to the site. So starting July 1st and ending August 1st, how ever many people come to the site, I will add that number to 350,000 and donate one dollar for every 1000 people that have come. So if 400,000 people come, that's 500 dollars. I hope you will all continue coming to the site and if you want to donate money yourself, check the side column for further information. Spread the word any way you can!