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Rays Put Money On Price

With the first pick in the draft, the Devil Rays took Vanderbilt pitcher David Price. Comes as no surprise to anyone at this point, Price is the best pitcher coming into the draft, and he is a lefty. Price will be major league ready within in the next couple years, and a deal should get done very soon. With the second pick, the Royals took Mike Moustakas. This came as a surprise because Porcello seemed to be going there. But because he is represented by Scott Boras, he will cost a lot, especially at number two. But Moustakas has a lot of potential, it just didn't seem to make sense to take him when they have Alex Gordon, and Vitters is a better third baseman anyways. Rick Porcello was taken with the 27th pick by the Tigers. The Cubs took Vitters here and it comes as some surprise because they usually take a chance on someone no one expects. Last year, they took Tyler Colvin with the thirteenth pick in the draft and he was expected to go in the middle of the second round. Matt Weiters went number five to the Orioles. He is a great catcher with a lot of power and a lot more potential playing catcher full time. The Orioles passed on Aumont and Detwiler when everyone thought they would go pitching. Detwiler was taken by the Nationals with the next pick and Aumont was taken by Seattle with the 11th pick. Other than that, there have not been any major surprises.

More details soon...