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Royals Losers In First Day

With the second pick in the draft, the Royals had the chance to add an excellent pitcher. Instead, they go with hitting and taking the first hitter, there are many options. Weiters, Vitters, Moustakas, Domingez, or Mills. Weiters is probably your best bet for a future star, and he is a catcher, where the Royals have struggled for years. Despite costs, the overall pay would be worth it. Now if they were to take Vitters, it would force them to move Alex Gordon, or trying to convert Vitters somewhere else. But his hitting is phenomenal that moving him to a position like first might not have much an impact. But instead they take Mike Moustakas, a third baseman who is a above average hitter, good fielder, but lacks speed. Although Vitters is still considered raw talent, he comes into the draft with the best bat and the potential to ease into a starting third base role in four or five years. Now taking Moustakas the Royals are putting themselves in the same situation the Braves are in with McCain and Saltamacchia. They have top prospect Alex Gordon at third base and although he is struggling, will eventually find his swing. Time will tell what will happen, the Royals have at least three years to figure out what they will do.