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Tempers Boil Over in Wrigley

This fight can be credited to Jake Peavy's comments following yesterday's game, even though he didn't pitch. After Alfonso Soriano's homerun off David Wells, Soriano took three steps to watch the ball and then trotted along to first. Both Wells and Peavy were upset, but Peavy definitely instigated today's brawl: "I didn't appreciate that. Just play the game," Peavy said after the Padres were defeated 4-1 at Wrigley Field. "They pay him $136 million to hit home runs. They don't pay him to be a circus act on the field. If I think a player shows me up like that, I like the next guy to take one in the stinkin' ribs." Derrek Lee came up in the fourth inning of play with Chris Young throwing a no-hitter. His first pitch plunked Lee in the left shoulder and as Lee walked to first base, Chris Young smiled at Lee as words were exchanged. At one point Lee said "What?!" and began walking towards Young. Young then said "Better get going, I might do that again." And before he could finish, Lee through a punch that missed followed by Young's punch that missed. As Marcus Giles pulled Young away Lee landed a punch, but no other punches were thrown. Order was ultimately restored but not after Lee, Young, Cubs hitting coach Gerald Perry, and Jake Peavy were ejected. Suspensions will be handed out Monday.