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Three Way Trade In Works?

The Twins are now expressing interest in Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell, and it is possible with their interest in acquiring Teixeira, that they will eat his contract to get a decent prospect to throw at the Rangers with others. But, with Theo Epstein's success in negotiating trades with Terry Ryan of the Twins, and other multi-team deals, he could include the Rangers in the deal that would send Lowell to the Twins, Teixeira to the Red Sox, and good young prospects to the Rangers. The prospects that would probably have to go would be Michael Bowden, along with two to three others. The Rangers year is lost, and the best way to rebuild is to try and not only balance out hitting and pitching, but get some young good prospects to become a contender in the next couple years. Although this three way trade is probably unlikely, the Twins Front Office is in the process of trying to acquire Mike Lowell, and the Red Sox have held preliminary talks with the Rangers about Mark Teixeira. But in both cases, nothing is boiling.