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Tigers Big Winners With 27th Pick

The Tigers came into the draft not expecting to see Rick Porcello fall to the 27th spot. And when the White Sox passed on him with the 25th pick, there was no doubt in the Tigers mind he would drop to them. Because why would Billy Beane of the nearly bankrupt A's take Rick Porcello, a client of Boras already asking for a gross amount of money? The Tigers have had great success with thier pitchers, already having success with their 2006 first round pick Andrew Miller at the major leage level. Justin Verlander, the 2004 first round pick, won the Rookie of the Year award and is proving that that wasn't a fluke this year. Rick Porcello, despite being eighteen years old, is still growing and will work quickly through the minors. The Tigers are hoping to use this guy in September 2008, if not sooner. Looking at his stats and where he is still improving, that is very realistic. Porcello will grow into his 6'5'' frame, and will improve upon his 95 mph fastball. His slider and curve have a good upside and his changeup is still improving. The Tigers are looking to have one of the best rotations in baseball by 2010 with Andrew Miller, Justin Verlander, Jeremy Bonderman, Rick Porcello, and possibly Nate Robertson or Jair Jurrjens, another one of their prospects.