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After the Deadline

The list is long of players who were rumored to be on the block but were not moved for one reason or another. The White Sox tried mightily to move several players and failed. Contreras, Garland, Vasquez and Dye will all be staying put for the time being. There's talk of a contract extension for Dye. The Reds kept Griffey Jr.,Arroyo, Weathers and Dunn. The Nationals seemed to be asking too much for Jon Rauch and Chad Cordero. I guess the Mariners and Brewers weren't interested enough in Devil Rays pitchers Dan Wheeler and Al Reyes. Maybe this is true every year at this time, but it did seem like more teams were insistent on holding onto prized prospects over trading for established players with big salaries or short shelf lives, i.e. impending free agency.