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AL Beats NL 5-4 in All-Star Game

The American League beat the NL again last night, outscoring them 5-4. The highlight of the night was an in- the- park home run hit by game MVP Ichiro Suzuki. The ball bounced away from Ken Griffey Jr. at the wall, allowing the first-ever in-the-parker. Speaking of Ichiro, talks on a new 5-year contract worth between $90 and $100 million with the Mariners are heating up. He's coming off a 4-year deal and has never entered the free agency market. In other game news, Cubs Alfonso Soriano became only the second player in All-Star game history besides Frank Robinson to hit a home run while playing for both leagues. He hit it with 2 out in the ninth inning. Josh Beckett got the win and Chris Young took the loss. It was the 10th straight year the AL has won, not including the controversial called tie game in 2002.