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All Talk, No Action

Another day and night passed without any deals being done. The trade talk around baseball is amounting to a whole lot of nothing. There is something comical about the dance these GMs do with each other. Everybody knows who's being offered up and/or viewed as untouchable so what are these guys waiting for? Will one trade open the floodgates to others? If the Braves make a deal for Teixeira, will the Dodgers scramble in another direction or stand pat? Doesn't anybody want any of the White Sox numerous avaiable players, Garland, Contreras, Dye or Vasquez? Everyone seems to be looking at Tampa Bay IF Ty Wigginton. Who offers the most attractive deal? Is Octavio Dotel staying or going? Is he hoping for a last-minute contract extension? Will Dmitri Young get one? The Griffey trade talk has cooled in the last few days. I'm always intrigued by the 11th hour deals because of what must lead up to them. Those of us who care wait on pins and needles while these guys do-what?? Meanwhile, the clock keeps ticking.