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Catcher Swaps Near

A bunch of catchers have been causing problems in their clubhouses and a change of scenery could not only help the player, but the team as well. Look at the Cubs, who recently traded catcher Michael Barrett for Rob Bowen, have won 10 of 13 since June 19th. Barrett, sharing time with Josh Bard, is looking at a fresh start with one of the top pitching staffs in the majors as well as a chance to improve his stock heading into free agency this winter. Other catchers are likely to be available as well. Jorge Posada could be a name that becomes available if the Yankees, like everyone else outside of New York, decide that this season is a lost cause due to their inept pitching staff and the success of the Boston Red Sox. The Braves could also be potential sellers with both Brian McCann and Jarrod Saltalamacchia looking like studs behind the plate. As we are creeping into July, look for it to become apparent who will be buyers and sellers come July 31st.