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Cuban in on bidding for Cubs

Mark Cuban, much to the delight of Cubs fans, has officially submitted his application to purchase the Chicago Cubs. Cuban is known as one of the loudest and most involved owners in the NBA as owner of the Dallas Mavericks, accumulating over one million dollars in fines during his tenure there. While most fans like this development, media outlets speculate as to whether Bud Selig would accept such a vocal owner like Cuban to be in the spotlight with a team like the Cubs. Several other businessmen with Chicago ties are preparing their applications, meaning Cuban will likely either have to heavily outbid them or speak with Commissioner Selig. Mark Lou Piniella down as someone on the bandwagon:"I don't know him, but the guy basically, he's a winner. He's a character. He has obviously got the resources," Piniella said Friday.
"I do know that he's got a lot of charisma. He likes the competition and he likes to win. So he's certainly a very viable candidate to buy the club. But there are going to be a lot of people that want the club."