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Latest on Rumor Watch

The Red Sox seem to be seriously interested in Jermaine Dye but what seems to be holding things up is his insistance that he receive playing time guarantees and incentive bonuses. The Red Sox seem pretty set in their outfield and DH spots. Dye has been playing much better since the All-Star break and who knows if this could fly. Who the Red Sox are willing to part with is still under discussion. J.D. Drew hasn't been doing well against lefties (.209) but if that's what they want him for, that doesn't sound like enough playing time. The Twins are said to be interested in trading 2B Luis Castillo and RHP Carlos Silva. Both are free agents at the end of the season. The Mets could use a second basemen to replace injured Jose Valentin and Castillo would be an offensive upgrade over Ruben Gohtay. The Dbacks and the Padres might be thinking about Reds outfielder and sometime 1B, even though he would become a free agent after this season, if traded because they could both use the offensive help. No real movement is evident on the Teixeira trade talks. THe Angels are said to have cooled off some because they think the Rangers are asking for the moon. The Braves are willing to part with some prized prospects, but not the ones the Rangers are insisting on. The Rangers are also trying to move Sammy Sosa to make room for their top hitting prosects, Jason Botts and Nelson Cruz to get some playing time in the final two months of the season. The Astros had lots of scouts at their game the other night hoping to get a look at relievers Chad Qualls, Brad Lidge and Dan Wheeler so it wouldn't be a surprise if one of them were moved. That's all the latest for now but anything could happen at any time. I'll be watching....