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A Moment to Reflect...

After lots of activity today, there remains less than 19 hours left before the deadline. It appears there are lots of potential deals still cooking. The Nationals are still offering up Chad Cordero and John Rauch. Believe it or not, the Braves are showing some interest in Reds pitcher Bronson Arroyo, even as they await a final decision on Octavio Dotel. GM John Schuerholz is going to need a vacation after tomorrow. He's been one busy guy. Tampa Bay closer Al Reyes is still drawing interest from the Mariners and Mets. The White Sox haven't given up hope of moving Jermaine Dye and Javier Vasquez. It looked like there was some movement earlier today between the Red Sox and White Sox on Dye, but all is quiet at the moment. Vasquez had a good outing yesterday, even though he took the loss but so far, the phone's not exactly ringing off the hook. As for Eric Gagne- it seems likely he will be going somewhere after tomorrow but the question is where? Both New York teams and Boston seem seriously interested and the Yankees and Mets have the advantage of Gagne not being able to veto those trades.