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Now the Fun Really Begins

Well, we're down to the wire and here's how it looks this morning. Before we get to all the pitching interest that remains hot, there are still some position players in play. *It looks likely again that White Sox Jermaine Dye is going to the Red Sox for Manny Delcarmen and Of Willy Mo Pena. *The Angels are interested in Blue Jays Troy Glaus, after missing out on Teixeira. Their numbers are very similar and Glaus is four years younger with playoff experience. Interest in him is going to be intense this afternoon, as the Angels aren't the only ones looking. The Yanks and Rangers could play him at first base and the Astros are said to be looking as well. *The Padres are taking one more look at Astros OF Mark Loretta but what they really want is a lefty bat instead. *Now for the pitching deals that are being talked about as the clock ticks. *The Mariners got the bad news that their setup man Chris Reitsma needs season-ending elbow surgery so expect them to ramp up their efforts to acquire some help. *Eric Gagne looks to be going to New York or Boston, if he is willing to become a setup man for others. That might not be as easy as it sounds, psychologically for him. So far, all three teams are balking at the high price being asked for him. *Other pitchers said to be on the block are Yanks Scott Proctor and Kyle Farnsworth. Why does anybody still want Farnsworth? He's erractic, has an explosive temper and has never lived up to expectation. *The Nationals are still offering Chad Cordero and Jon Rauch. *The Cards would part with Russ Springer and Troy Percival. *Astros are shopping Chad Qualls and Brad Lidge. Qualls might be more attractive to some because he is locked up until 2010. *The Rockies have Brian Fuentes on the block and the Devil Rays are still trying to move Al Reyes and even newly acquired Dan Wheeler. Did I forget anybody? Stay tuned.