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Trade Rumors Heating Up

With five days left before the deadline, trade talk is escalating all over the Major Leagues. How much of it will actually come to pass is anybody's guess but my guess is that most of these rumors are not going to turn into actual deals. As I have said before, there are still many contending teams, which means more buyers than sellers. The same names have been talked about for a couple of weeks now- Rangers Mark Teixeira- a solid first baseman with left handed power. Adam Dunn is another power hitting first baseman, who can also play the outfield. Might draw the same interest as Teixeira. Dunn would be second choice for most teams as Teixeira is younger and his best years are still ahead of him. Vasquez, Contreras, Garland and Dye, all of the White Sox are being talked about as the Sox's season goes down the tubes. GM Kenny Williams may be swinging minor deals as the team will have to be rebuilt but no major deals are expected. Eric Gagne has come back strong after 2005 surgery and a team looking for relief help like the Tigers or Cubs or Giants could be interested. All this is hearsay right now but as the deadline approaches, anything is possible.