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2007 Draft Updates

As we approach the last day for teams to sign their draft picks, I'm here to give you team by team updates:

Devil Rays David Price-
Kansas City Royals Mike Moustakas- Signed.
Chicago Cubs Josh Vitters- Signed.
Pittsburgh Pirates Daniel Moskos- Signed.
Baltimore Orioles Matt Weiters- Signed.
Washington Nationals Ross Detwiler- Signed.
Milwaukee Brewers Matt LaPorta- Signed.
Colorado Rockies Casey Weathers- Signed.
Arizona Diamondback Jarrod Parker- Signed.
San Francisco Giants Madison Bumgarner/Tim Alderson/Wenell Fairley- Signed.
Seattle Mariners Phillipe Aumont- Signed.
Florida Marlins Matt Dominguez- Signed.
Cleveland Indians Beau Millis- Signed.
Atlanta Braves Jason Heyward-
Cincinnati Reds Devin Mesoraco-
Toronto Blue Jays Kevin Ahrens/Jon Arencibia- Signed.
Texas Rangers Blake Beavan- Signed.
Texas Rangers Michael Main- Signed.
St. Louis Cardinals Pete Kozma- Signed.
Philadelphia Phillies Joe Savery- Signed.
Los Angeles Dodgers Chris Withrow- Signed.
San Diego Padres Nic Schmidt- Signed.
Chicago White Sox Aaron Poreda- Signed.
Oakland Athletics Donald Simmons- Signed.
Detroit Tigers Rick Porcello- Signed.
Minnesota Twins Ben Revere- Signed.
New York Yankees Andrew Brackman- Signed.