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Mailbag: What's Next For MLB Rumors

Q: What is the newest feature to MLB Rumors? What will you try to do this coming off season?

Jake, Wilmette, Illinois

ELI: I will definitely be doing more interviews after the season. I have some big name players already lined up, so I am pretty excited. As for the newest feature, it is not official yet because I haven't talked with some of these guys in awhile but when it is, you will definitely know about it.

Q: Do you ever get time off from this stuff?

Martin, Yuma, Arizona

ELI: The low times in the trades and signings are my time off. But I like doing this, so I try to work on it everyday.

Q: Did you ever get a chance to talk with Michael Barrett about his thoughts on being traded?

Doug, San Diego Padres Town

ELI: Unfortunately, I didn't get to personally talk with him. But from what I heard, he was disappointed by the way he left things, but was looking forward to the opportunity.