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The Morning After the Morning After

Now that I've recovered from my carpal tunnel syndrome after the last couple days tied to my computer, I have a few thoughts on the deadline. Teixeira wasted no time making a splash for Atlanta last night, driving in four runs. Ron Mahay and Octavio Dotel both gave an inning, allowing no hits. GM John Schuerholz, at 66 seemed like a man on a mission to get this year's team to post-season play. He made the big deals and improved his team dramatically. Now if he can just find another starter laying around somewhere... The Rangers may have given up some big names but they came away with 9 prospects, several of whom are considered to be the real deal, especially Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Elvis Andrus. Boston must feel great, having won the Gagne sweepstakes and it further positions them for the post-season. Further fallout from the deadline will be seen in the next few weeks as players are put on waivers. Players that couldn't be moved in trade will see themselves finish the season at a new ballpark anyway. Orioles Miguel Tejada, Giants Omar Vizquel, Twins Torii Hunter, and Blue Jays Troy Glaus could all be put on waivers.