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Neifi Suspended for 80 Games

Tigers Neifi Perez was suspended for 80 games yesterday after testing positive for a banned stimulant. He was suspended in July for 25 games and this is now the third time he has tested positive. See if you buy this one: Perez says he was diagnosed at the end of last season with ADHD and was prescribed Adderal, a ritalin-based substance, commonly used to treat it. Supposedly, according to Perez, he was unable to refill his prescription this spring so he was advised (by whom?) to take any amphetimine. That is why he is repeatedly testing positive. This explanation is so preposterous, it might just be true. Neifi is batting .172 and no one in the Tigers organization has come to his defense, backing up the ADHD diagnosis. If he was batting .300, would the scenario be different??