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NL Central: Here Come the Cardinals

The Cubs have held on to the NL Central for about a week now fighting back to beat the Brewers 5-3 to bump the Brewers 2.5 games out of first. Although that doesn't seem like much the Cardinals have taken over second place winning 14 of their last 20. So, 2.5 games back puts them just three loses behind the Cubs; But, the only way to make up solid ground is by both teams losing. Right now the Cardinals are taking on the lost Astros who are getting use to life without Phil Garner. Yet, their schedule isn't too challenging for the next week and a half taking on the Astros, Reds, Pirates, and then they take on the Diamondbacks. A key series for the Cardinals will be the series against the Cubs. They have a make up game a week before the series so that will be big. This next week will be big for the Cubs because they will take on the Astros and then the Dodgers, both at home, but they will really need to fight to hold on to the Central lead. They face the NL Central a lot on the road, but will have two much needed days off towards the end of the season which could take some pressure off them, especially on the road versus the Marlins and closing it out against the Reds.The Brewers are not out yet but will need to prove they want to be here and will get that opportunity facing the last place Pirates and Astros. They will face the NL Central too and then take on the Braves and Padres towards the end. It will be tough, but they do have time to make it back and contend for the spot they have held all season. As of right now, it is still up in the air. The Cardinals and Cubs are riding on a lot of momentum while the Brewers dropped below five hundred for the first time since April. This race will definitely come down to the wire, ending probably in the last week or so. The question to be answered will be: Who has the most consistent pitching?