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Twins Will Pay For Trading Castillo

On July 30th, after months of speculation, the Twins traded speedy second baseman Luis Castillo to the Mets for Drew Butera and Dustin Martin. Although Butera and Martin have the potential to be solid players, there is no filler for the time being, and the Twins know that. Just after trading Castillo, two time Cy Young winner Johan Santana voiced his displeasure to reporters about the trade saying that he understands the business of trades, just doesn't understand this one in particular. After hearing those comments David Ortiz sided with Castillo and said he hopes to see Santana in a Red Sox uniform if he leaves the Twins, which he expects. Furthermore, Twins outfielder Torii Hunter said there would be no hometown discount for the Twins this coming off season. Castillo was not only a good hitter and fielder, but he was a spark in the clubhouse and a leader, despite being new to the team. Stripping someone away like that only hurts a team, and it obviously upset some of the players.