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Astros In Good Shape For Offseason

The Astros have stepped up their search for a General Manager, interviewing several baseball executives from around the league. This will be good for a GM signed in mid September to familiarize himself with everything and then be able to work with his assistants to formulate a plan for the off season. As of right now, the known candidates are:

- Ed Wade (Former Phillies GM)
- Jim Beattie (Former Expos/Orioles GM)
- Bob Watson (Former Astros/Yankees GM, lead to World Series)
- Muzzy Jackson (Special Assistant with Royals)
- Ricky Bennett (Special Assistant with Astros)
- Tal Smith (Astros Interim GM)
- Ruben Amaro Jr. (Special Assistant with Phillies)

My guess is Amaro Jr. will get the job. He is experienced in the National League and with his experience in the Front Office, can ease nicely into the role. Especially with the needs of the Astros, Amaro will be able to recruit some guys that he has worked with in the past. Tadahito Iguchi would be a great replacement at second base with Craig Biggio retiring. My guess is they will try and land a big name player through trade because of the prospects they have. Troy Patton can be shopped, along with other young, proven pitchers. If Adam Everett is shopped are pushed into a backup role, they could try and bring in defensive specialist Cesar Izturis or Juan Uribe. They do have money to spend, and bringing in a new General Manager early will allow him to familiarize himself with the club and the situation in front of him.