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Giants Plan To Go Hard For Hunter

The Giants, who missed out on Carlos Lee after offering him a 100+ million dollar deal, are looking to get younger and improve their offense. The Giants are getting older and are currently in last place in their division, so a solid outfielder would definitely help. The average age of the current Giants outfield is 37, and aren't doing terrible, but a youth movement is definitely coming. According to one Front Office executive who wishes to remain anonymous, he expects the Giants to make a "big splash," with Hunter at the "top of their list." If the Giants add Hunter, a solid pitcher or two, and improve their bench, you could put them back in contention for next season. Hunter has recently turned down a deal worth 45 million dollars, supposedly the second offer he has turned down, so it is safe to assume that he will test the market. Hunter is batting .291 with 27 HR and 96 RBI and has won a Gold Glove every season since 2001.