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Mailbag: Rules and Free Agents

Q: Hey Eli, What do you think about the Designated Hitter rule? Do you think its good for the game or bad for the game?

David Kozlowski, Eagle River, Wisconsin

ELI: I like the rule because I think it is what makes the leagues different. The pitchers have to be so careful with the bottom of the order even in the AL because the hitters are solid up and down. In the NL, you have to be careful but it can get interesting with pitchers like Livan Hernandez, Carlos Zambrano, and Micah Ownings pitching that night. Even a guy like Bronson Arroyo, if you make a mistake, he will get you. The NL can be more creative at times with a pitcher because a team may be more desperate to score a run with the eighth hitter up and their pitcher on deck. While in the AL, you do not have to worry as much.

Q: Eli, where do you see Alex Rodriguez landing this offseason? If Cashman sticks to his word, and the Yankees don't resign him, who do you think would be willing to pay his hefty contract? As a Cub fan I would be ecstatic to see him in the heart of their lineup. They would truly be deadly.

Zach S, Blenker, WI

ELI: There was a report today that the Cubs were going to make a run for his as a part player and owner, but we will only know when the season is over. The Angels are also very interested and so are the Giants, who now have money not going to Barry Bonds. It should get very interesting, but if the Cubs get him, they will be the team to beat in the NL Central in 2008.

Q: I heard you are winning the voting for the Bloggers Choice Awards, how do I go and vote?

Walt Aronstam, Newark

ELI: Thanks for asking. Here is what you do:

To register, click this link: Register, takes 30 seconds

Then check your email to confirm it and click that link. (It might be in spam, but it isn't bad)

Then it will take you to the main page, you can go to Sports Blog on the left side and vote for the top one or click this link: My Page

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