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Mailbag: What to talk about?

Q: Being a Rockies fan, I want to know where you think Garrett Atkins will wind up. I saw your article about him going to Anaheim, but is that still where you think he will go?

Brett, Denver, Colorado

ELI: I think it is possible that the Angels will go for him but they really value their pitching. I think the Phillies are probably the top suitor because they are desperate to make a splash and get that long term third baseman they have never had. The Rockies want pitching, so it is possible we could see a pair of young pitchers head to Colorado. Other teams that might be interested are the Dodgers, Marlins, and Angels.

Q: If you were at Wrigley Field and caught Barry Bonds' homerun, would you throw it back?

Josh, Lombard, Illinois

ELI: No. The cops would have dragged me out of there before I would have gotten the chance.

Q: Do you think players will start doing what Roger Clemens is doing by starting later in the season and getting pro-rated contracts and things like that?

George P., Bergenfield, New Jersey

ELI: If they are good enough, I think some might. Andy Pettitte seems to be the next player that will try it. He is already contemplating retirement and will probably wait till January to decide whether or not to comeback. And if he or others continue to pitch well, it should raise their price because of demand.

Q: Away from baseball for a second, Kanye or 50 Cent?

Darren, Royal Oak, Michigan

ELI: Kayne, hands down.

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