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Nationals To Pursue Jones

The Washington Nationals are hoping Andruw Jones is seeking a fair deal, something around 75-80 million so he can fit in their payroll, because they plan to go all out to sign him. Jones has struggled a lot this season, batting just .223 with 24 HR and 85 RBI, and was hoping to break the bank and sign some sort of mega deal. One thing the Nationals could do is sign him to something around 15-18 million a year, but work his deal into fitting their payroll. Meaning, in 2008 he might only make 5 million, but the following year make 12 million because they might have some money to spend. Behind Jones, the Nationals plan to place a bid on Kosuke Fukudome, only if initial talks with Jones turn sour. In his career at RFK Stadium, Jones is batting .789 AVG with 7 HR, something that should make the Nationals even more desperate to sign him.