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NL West: Peavy Doing His Part

Padres pitcher Jake Peavy is doing his best to get his Padres into the playoffs. He is going on three days rest against the Diamondbacks, hoping he can defeat them and put the Padres a couple games ahead. But it isn't just between the Padres and Diamondbacks. The Dodgers are taking down the NL Central leading Cubs and are just three games back while the Rockies are just four games back. The Rockies will take on the Padres later this week and they could make up some ground while not facing Peavy. The Diamondbacks take on the Cardinals, and the Dodgers take on the Giants, so it is possible to see one drop a little back. After the Giants, the Dodgers face the Padres and Diamondbacks at home, then the Rockies and Diamondbacks on the road, and then Colorado and San Fransisco back home. The Dodgers have a good chance to take the division with that schedule if they continue to play well; however, playing the Padres and Diamondbacks could knock them out also. As of right now, every team is in it. Even the Giants also play a vital role in the division because each team will play them one more time. Consistent pitching will determine a lot this upcoming month along with offensive contributors staying healthy.