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Report: Dunn Out Til May '08

Today the team announced that Dunn will have arthroscopic knee surgery on his right knee. He hasn't started in a couple games and is batting .264 with 40 HR and 106 RBIs this season. He was set to make a lot of money if he were to opt out, but I'm sure if he can put up similar numbers, he can still get a large contract. He has a lot of power that most teams would want in their lineup everyday. But how long will he be out for this injury? With the surgery, which is set to take place tomorrow, it should take 4-6 weeks to recover and begin strength training and other things like that. They probably won't rush him to recover, but I doubt he will be out till May. They will probably play Buck Coats for the final games of the season. He was acquired from the Cubs this season and shows some potential, but they will find out more this week and Spring Training next season.