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Shortstops Moving Around?

This year's free agents do not feature many free agent shortstops, but expect them to be moving around. Eckstein, who has been with the Cardinals since 2005, is expected to be courted by the White Sox. Juan Uribe, who isn't expected to be picked up by the White Sox, will be a fallback option if they miss out on Eckstein or Wilson. However, the Pirates, who are looking to trade Jack Wilson, probably won't hold on to Cesar Izturis, making Uribe available at a good price. But the Astros, who have had problems with Adam Everett staying healthy, might give up and look elsewhere. Uribe will be a late signing by the White Sox because they would like an offensive and defensive upgrade, so the Astros will work on him early. This season, Eckstein is batting .296 with 3 HR and 28 RBI while Uribe is batting .230 with 19 HR and 59 RBI.