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Who's Coming Back?

As the veteran players continue to age, many begin to bring up the question, who will be back? Here is a list of players who will be back, and who won't.

Roger Clemens, Yankees

One more season: No.

Clemens has gone back and forth on this all year and I think this will finally be his last year. He hasn't been the same this year and I do not think the Yankees, who will pay him the money, need him with all the young pitching they have. Even if they did, he is having elbow problems, and will be 46 next season. It is possible that the Astros may try to bring him back, but I think they would be smart to avoid him because he will be a lot of money, is not a team player, and may not be effective. When I say he is not a team player, I mean he won't always be with the club, and won't travel with the team if he is not starting.

Tom Glavine, Mets

One more season: Yes.

Glavine is still a dominate pitcher who can rack up innings. He is on a solid team, and will be even better next season. He has got a sub-4 ERA and good strikeout numbers. He could return to the Braves where his family is and work on a Clemens type deal, but he is a competitor, and wants to help the team no matter what. I see him staying him picking up his 9 M dollar option and pitching one more season with the Mets.

Andy Pettitte, Yankees

One more season: Yes.

Pettitte is domiating the AL East with a sub-4 ERA and 13 wins with tons of strikeouts. He is thirty-five, and has a 16 million dollar player option. I can't believe he would say he won't be back. He will be on a great team with good pitching, solid hitting, and defense. He will not get any more money any where he goes, no matter what. He can still throw at least one more year and if he wants to retire then, than he can retire. I see him pitching several more years, but waiting til May to decide whether to pitch or not, like his boy Clemens.

Craig Biggio, Astros

One more season: No.

He has got 3,000 hits and has been doing okay with a not so good team. He loves the Astros, but they haven't done much since '05 to improve. I think he is ready to call it a career. He was struggling at the plate, and is twenty nine points below his career average. I think if he does come back, he will end it early because I think he will struggle. But he has already said he won't be back so I don't expect him to change his mind.