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The A's Are Out Of Prospects

The way the Athletics admitted that their minor league system is running thin is suggesting that they will look to restock this off season. Pitchers like Dan Haren, Joe Blanton, or Rich Harden could be shopped to bring in several youthful players to eventually full the young roster spots. Daric Barton and Travis Buck seem to be the new wave of young players but after that, their doesn't seem to be many in sight. Trading Joe Blanton would certainly bring in a couple prospects, especially if he is traded to the Mets. I would hold onto Dan Haren for at least one more season because he isn't eligible for free agency until after 2009. They do not have much to trade like the last time they did this with Mark Mulder and Tim Hudson, but they might need to take a couple steps back to go forward. Imagine if they acquired Yovani Gallardo, Andy LaRoche and Chin-Lung Hu, or Joey Votto. They would be so much better with one of these guys on their squad and it isn't a ridiculous statement that Dan Haren and cash for Joey Votto and a low level prospect could go through. What Billy Beane should do is dig into a system or two this off season and find the young guys that are ready to take the next step. Joba Chamberlain did it for the Yankees; he is the kind of guys he should look for. Joe Blanton for Brandon Hynick and Alan Johnson is something that Billy Beane could try and pull off. Hynick had sixteen wins in Single-A while Johnson had 14 with ERA's both under three. He could even try and snag Yorvit Torrealba to platoon with Kurt Suzuki. Or they could trade Dan Haren for Yunel Escobar and a low level pitcher like Kris Medlen, if the Braves are willing to trade him. The Braves and A's are on good terms and could pull something off, if the Braves are interested in making that kind of trade. One thing is for sure, their minor league system is running thin and in order to be successful, Beane must restock with young guys who he will have control over for a long time.