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Are Mets Interested in Lo Duca?

Mets catcher Paul Lo Duca is doing everything he can to make sure the Mets know how interested he is in staying with the Mets. If that means he will take a hometown discount, the Mets might be interested. But, there are other catchers on the market and some even available through trades, so they might look that way before going back to Lo Duca. Ramon Castro showed great power in just 52 games, hitting eleven homeruns and batting .285, so they might go with him. The Mets have only one bright spot in their organization in terms of a catcher, but he is just in Single-A. He is seven teen however and is the brother of Royals shortstop Tony Pena Jr. Going through trades, J.R. Towles, Ronny Paulino, Colt Morton could be catchers of the future in a possible platoon role. With free agents, Jason Kendall might not be brought back with Geovany Soto looking good, and he would be a great catcher for those pitchers. Michael Barrett, Yorvit Torrealba, and maybe even Jorge Posada are available and solid choices as well.