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Astros Looking At Hunter, Rowand

The Astros have put in calls to free agents Torii Hunter and Aaron Rowand expressing their interest, hoping to talk with them when the exclusive negotiating rights ends. "[Assistant GM] David [Gottfried] talked to their agents this afternoon," Wade said. "Just general calls that we may have interest. We'll get back and talk at the appropriate time." The Astros are expected to be very active this offseason, and it wouldn't surprise me if they talk with the Orioles about Miguel Tejada. Hunter, who has a home in Texas, has said the Rangers are on his list, and it would make sense that the Astros would interest him as well. However, I think they need to go very hard for Hunter if they plan to sign him because a team like the Nationals or Braves could sneak in and sign him right away. You would think they would prefer Rowand in this situation. Rowand's swing is also tailored for Minute Maid Park and he would definitely benefit from the dimensions of the park. Right now, it is still too early and these players have not even begun talking with their former teams. From previous reports, it does not seem the Astros are the front runner for either player, but two weeks from now it could be a lot different.