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Astros To Let Jennings Walk

The Astros sacrificed Willy Taveras for Jason Jennings last off season, and after he struggled going 2-9, they will let him go. However, it isn't a complete failure because they got a good look at Hunter Pence, who is now the everyday center fielder. The Astros were very disappointed with his numbers, especially because he left a hitters friendly park. Although the Astros are short on pitching, they will let him walk. Jennings will probably get a two to three year deal, worth 7-10 million dollars total. I expect the Rangers, who were interested in him last year take a shot at him, maybe even the Cubs, but they have Jason Marquis, and cannot afford another inconsistent pitcher. The Twins were very close to acquiring him last off season but talks fell through. I expect that Bill Smith will make another run at him for their pitching rotation, especially if they lose Silva. Jennings is twenty-nine, and is probably better off taking a one year deal with an option to get his numbers back up for 2009.