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Blue Jays Have Short To-Do List

The Blue Jays do not have much to do this off season, but do have several players that need to be resigned. The Blue Jays have begun talks with Matt Stairs about a one year deal, in the range of 2-3 million dollars. Stairs, 40, has earned the opportunity to compete for the starting spot in the outfield next season after he hit .289 with 21 HR and 64 RBI. He is very important for the Blue Jays, who can also play him at first base, and to have the veteran in the clubhouse. Other than Stairs, the Blue Jays will look to bring Joe Kennedy back, but I am not sure why. Kennedy was 4-9 with a 4.80 ERA and 51 K. He made 2.8 million dollars and that will probably go down, but you'd think Ricciardi would put that money towards another pitcher. I suspect the Blue Jays will look for another Ted Lilly type pitcher-maybe Kyle Lohse. They do have money to spend and definitely need some help in their rotation and infield. Other than that, it is possible to see them trade Troy Glaus around the time of the Winter Meetings to a team who missed out on Alex Rodriguez. But since steroid allegations are surrounding Glaus, it might be hard to unload him.

Astros re-sign Ausmus:
The Astros have resigned Brad Ausmus and have given him a one year deal. Although he will not be starting because J.R. Towles has been given the nod, he should help the Astros pitchers nonetheless.