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Bonds' Best Bet is Japan

I know that seems far fetched, but who really wants to sign him? There is not one National League team that is willing to put him out in the outfield and not many teams are looking to spend 12 million on a one year DH, even if he will bring people to the ballpark. He did lead the league in on-base percentage and OPS, but will probably come into 2008 without a job. According to sources, the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks may be willing to sign Bonds at the right price. Bonds does love playing over there, and it could start a new trend of veteran players heading to Japan towards the end of their career. However, there are four teams that I see interested in him if he takes a massive pay cut. The Tigers, Twins, Athletics, and Angels are the only teams that I see signing him if he takes a one year deal, around 10 to 13 million tops. I do not see the Athletics going beyond eight million to sign him and the Tigers seem more inclined on filling in for Sheffield until he returns than add someone like the Bonds, so rule them out. For the Twins, it is possible to see them go after him, especially if they cannot keep Hunter, which seems likely. But they might want to sign someone a little younger or give someone like Brandon Roberts or Garrett Guzman a shot. Also, Bonds wants to go to a contender, so he may not be interested if he holds true to his word. The Angels may have an opening but Reggie Willits did a great job for them while Brandon Wood could always be DH and platoon with Orlando Cabrera at short. He is approaching the 3,000 hit mark which might entice them more, but I do not know if that will make him worth 12 million. He does not have much playoff experience, and is already a disturbance in the clubhouse with the steroid allegations always surrounding him. Playing in Japan could separate him from that and give him a year or two more playing professional baseball. For now however, I do not think his ego is ready to play in Japan.