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Alex Rodriguez tells the Yankees he will opt out of his contract and become a free agent. That means that the three years, 81 million dollars will be deferred and he can explore other options. If the Yankees are true to their word, they will not negotiate with him any further. Personally, I think the Yankees will still negotiate with him, but Rodriguez will probably sign elsewhere. So where will he sign? Rodriguez is coming off a career year and is in line to make thirty million dollars annually. The Angels have denied interest in him so I suspect the Giants, Dodgers, Cubs, Red Sox, and Phillies to be interested. Rodriguez was only hurting the club by waiting so long because they still have to work on signing Posada, Rivera, the coaching staff, and working to retain Andy Pettitte. I think Rodriguez is smart to leave New York. With the pressure on him to perform, making thirty million dollars would definitely get to him, and it seems obvious that he does not have the thickest skin. He is smart to go to a low market town, where the media is not as bad. I'm not saying he is done in New York, but I think he is opting out so Boras can have leverage in negotiations with them later.