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Cardinals Near Extension With Piniero

The Cardinals have begun talking with Joel Piniero about a multi year contract, according to the St. Louis Post Dispatch. The Cardinals would be smart to sign Piniero even though he had a 4+ ERA and a 7-5 record. But he was 6-4 with a 3.96 ERA in eleven games with the Cardinals, so he could definitely improve upon that next season. He is a good reliever and could even join the rotation if needed. The market price is increasing for pitchers, but I'm sure the Cardinals could get a three year deal, worth 11-14 million dollars total at the most. Piniero would really like to go somewhere he can start, so the Cardinals would have to at least let him begin in the rotation to continue. Because they are interviewing for the General Manager position and trying to hold on to Tony La Russa, I think talks will be slow, but will have something done after the World Series. The Cardinals also would like to get that done so they can work on signing David Eckstein. The Cardinals plan to address their pitching situation along with the center field spot because Jim Edmonds is slowing down and this will be last year in awhile that such a group of center fielders will be available.

UPDATE: The Cardinals signed Joel Piniero to a two year deal worth 13 million dollars.