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Cardinals Should Keep Mozeliak

The Cardinals have John Mozeliak on an interim bases but he is not looking at it like that. Since being promoted, he has signed Springer, Isringhausen, and La Russa. He has proven that he can negotiate contracts at a quickened pace, and has been in the organization long enough to understand its intent and direction. Mozeliak has also worked in the draft for the Cardinals which suggests he has a eye for young talent. Yes, there are other General Managers out there that are available and capable of doing a great job, but why move someone who is doing a great job? According to the MLB Rumors West Coast Correspondent Thomas Reiss, the Cardinals have narrowed their choices down to Diamondbacks Assistant GM Peter Woodfork, White Sox Assistant GM Rick Hahn, and Indians assistant GM Chriss Antonetti. However, he believes that Woodfork and Mozeliak are the leading candidates behind Hahn and Antonetti. The new GM will have some say in the payroll, which makes even more sense to keep Mozeliak. Furthermore, you have someone who is familiar with the organization and bringing someone in would only lengthen that process. The Cardinals would like to resign David Eckstein, while upgrading in the outfield, and pitching staff. I see them going after someone like Ryan Freel, while trading for number two or three starter like Jon Garland. Garland would be great to put in between Carpenter and Wainwright, and would make them a lot better. Scott Rolen and Jim Edmonds will likely be shopped around, but Rolen has three years left on his contract worth 36 million dollars while Edmonds may not be capable of playing center field on a regular basis. The Athletics might be looking for a new DH and could trade a pair of relievers for Edmonds and cash. Edmonds has played in the AL West and the Athletics might like to have a veteran in the clubhouse with experience against the division. The longer the Cardinals take to decide a GM, the more it weakens their chances of signing free agent to be David Eckstein, among others.