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Chad Cordero On The Block?

The Nationals have solid hitters, but most could be fading soon. Chad Cordero has drawn a lot of interest and after he put up another great season, it is bound to happen again. What the Nationals need more than ever is pitching, young pitching. Ross Detwiler got his feet wet this year but I would start him next year in Triple-A or Double-A. The Yankees will probably resign Mariano Rivera but if they do not, they could trade Edwar Ramirez, Wilson Betemit, and another minor league pitcher or two for Chad Cordero. I think the Nationals will first ask for Chamberlain first, but will be denied. Ramirez showed great, downward movement on his pitches and is shaping up to be a solid reliever. The Orioles might be interested with Baez out for most of next season. They could trade Tejada and cash, but I doubt it. The Orioles do not seem ready to trade their young pitchers, so they seem unlikely. The Phillies would probably prefer to trade their young guys out of the division for a big name player, but they do need a closer and are looking to make a big splash. Other teams that could be interested in Cordero could be the Brewers, Giants, or Twins.