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Cliff Floyd To Explore Market

Cliff Floyd started his career with the Marlins in 1997, and finished with them in 2002. He has always spoken well of his Marlins and has told close friends he wouldn't mind finishing his career there. He is also good friends with Fredi Gonzalez, who was a base coach back when Floyd was with the team. This was probably Floyd's hardest year in the majors, having to deal with the death of his father and coming back from knee surgery, so playing near his Florida home would definitely be a plus. He made three million this year and batted .284 with 9 HR and 45 RBI, not bad, but it could have been better. He will probably look for another one year deal, worth 2-3 million again. That shouldn't be too much for the Marlins, but they probably do not want to take on that kind of salary for someone who can't play everyday. Who knows though, he could take a discount and really mold some of those young ballplayers into great ones. I think the Cubs really liked what Floyd was able to do for the team and I'm sure they would like to bring him back, if he is interested. He is a solid guy off the bench and in the clubhouse who can still crush the ball. Floyd told his agents to talk to with any team, so I suspect he will land somewhere-maybe Baltimore, Oakland, Twins, or maybe the Nationals, but he says if no one offers a contract, he will happily retire.

[Note: Republished From October 1st]