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Crosstown Battle For Crawford

The Chicago White Sox are very interested in trading for outfielder Carl Crawford, and have no problem in offering Jon Garland. They have Jack Egbert that is ready to take over in the rotation and could use an outfielder like Crawford to spark them. However, the Cubs are looking for ways to upgrade their team without spending too much money because of the sale of the club, and trading for Crawford definitely is intriguing. Piniella managed Crawford when he was younger, and Crawford would provide the Cubs with a young, and very capable everyday player. Yes, the Cubs would have to give up something worth while for the Devil Rays, including Felix Pie and probably Sean Gallagher, but it would make them better nonetheless. However, if you follow the Cubs, you know that they do not make too many trades where they throw prospects at teams. According to sources, they are interested in Torii Hunter, but would rather take the trade route this off season. Aside from the outfield situation, the Cubs are also looking for upgrades in their pitching staff. It seems that Plan A is sign Hiroki Kuroda, and have Jason Marquis and Kevin Hart duke it out for the fifth spot. However, Plan B is probably what they will go with, which will be to try Kerry Wood and Ryan Dempster in the rotation, while having Marquis and Hart fight it out for the fifth spot. For Plan B, they would move Howry or Marmol to the closer spot.

For the White Sox, aside from their pitching rotation which seems they will look to in house options, I see them looking for upgrades at shortstop, and of course in the outfield. Torii Hunter and Aaron Rowand are both options in the outfield, while I see them going hard for David Eckstein if he hits the open market. If they cannot land Eckstein, expect them to go for Japanese shortstop Tomohiro Nioka.