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Cubs Giving Up On Prior?

The Cubs recent splurge of money may continue, but not with once top prospect Mark Prior on it. Prior is once again eligible for arbitration and might look to make around three million dollars, despite not pitching once this season. They can non-tender him, making him a free agent and ending their ties with him, and they might do that to open up some money. Yes, three million seems like nothing today, but Mark Prior is nothing today and is showing no signs of making a strong comeback. The Cubs have several guys on the verge of making it to the majors, including Kevin Hart, Donnie Veal, Jeff Samardjiza, Mark Holliman, and Jose Ceda. Obviously, not all of them will be solid pitchers but you can count on at least one or two of them breaking the rotation. The Padres are looking to improve their rotation and would definitely take a chance on Mark Prior, but he would have to sign at a reduced price with a lot of incentives. Personally, I think the Cubs will avoid arbitration with Prior and then shop him, eating all but his entire salary to acquire a solid prospect.