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Diamondbacks Focus In On Pitching

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Like most teams, the Diamondbacks plan to focus in on pitching. However, they are planning to look at both free agents and through trades. They were very pleased with the success of Doug Davis and may try to pull of another trade like that. In an interview with MLB Rumors, GM Josh Byrnes said, "Livan is going to be entering the free agent market and we feel that there are some good pitchers that could help out our club." So who could those pitchers be? Livan is already out the door and probably on his way to the Mets. My guess is he will look to the Angels and Ervin Santana, the Indians and Jake Westbrook or Cliff Lee, the Orioles and Daniel Cabrera, and the Marlins and Dontrelle Willis. Although the Marlins might not want to trade him, the Diamondbacks have a lot of depth and could offer a deal including top prospect Carlos Gonzalez. However, they could also load a deal with Carlos Quentin that would include Juan Cruz, Connor Jackson, and Dustin Nippert. Personally, I think the Diamondbacks should look to Ervin Santana. He had sixteen wins in 2006 and kept his ERA down in the American League. He has pitched in the postseason successfully, and would benefit from a core of young players and solid defense. They also would not have to give up much for him because he is coming off a bad year. Daniel Cabrera would not be a bad choice either, but his attitude problems and inconsistency might turn the Diamondbacks off. Also, the Diamondbacks have a solid bullpen and could look to acquire Jason Marquis and cash for a pair of pitchers, maybe Juan Cruz and a minor leaguer. The Cubs do need to solidify their bullpen and Cruz would be an excellent addition. On the free agent market, I think the Diamondbacks would be smart to load the back end of their rotation with Kyle Lohse and maybe Jeff Weaver, who is also coming off a bad year. Josh Byrnes and Peter Woodfork have done a great job in building the Diamondbacks, and I think they have a good plan for the upcoming off season.