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End of an Era: Torre Says No

The Yankees offered Joe Torre a one year deal worth five million dollars guaranteed, which Joe Torre denied. This ends his twelve year run with the team and looking back on it, it has really been something. They have won four championships, made it to the playoffs twelve times, and developed some of the best players in the game. I do not know how it will effect some of the other players, but I'm sure Torre and La Russa might be finding homes now soon. Unless La Russa comes to manage the Yankees which now seems unlikely, Torre could manage the Cardinals. But it seems that La Russa will work something out with the Cardinals and Torre may be taking a year off from managing. The Royals might contact Torre but I doubt he would be interested. He could go to the Pirates because it is near his home, but to go from the Yanks to the Pirates would be a big adjustment. Bobby Cox might walk next season and it is possible to see Torre manage them in 2009. I agree with Torre's decision to walk away. Not only were the Yankees asking him to take a major pay cut, but to deal with the questions about returning and other things like that, it wasn't worth it. We could see Posada, Pettitte, and Rivera leave now which would definitely hurt the Yankees, but they now might look beyond Torre's absence. As for possible replacements, the reports that Mattingly isn't ready to manage will hurt him, so I think it will come down to Girardi and La Russa. I would be more happy with Girardi to be honest. He is young and knows how to manage the younger players. He played in New York and is familiar with the team and staff. I think we will find out in the next week or so about the final manager spots and where the Yankee players may look to go.