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Geoff Jenkins to Detroit?

Geoff Jenkins has played with the Brewers since 1998. Although he is no longer the face of the team, he has a presence in the clubhouse that cannot be replaced. However, he batted .255 with 21 HR and 64 RBI, numbers that are not worth 9 million for one more year. The Brewers have two options in this case:

1) Decline the option and sign him to a two year extension worth 15 million dollars with an option for a third year. You save some money that would go towards Francisco Cordero and other free agents.

2) Decline the option and let him walk. You have Mench and Stock, and you could go out and try and sign either Kosuke Fukudome, Jose Guillen, or maybe Kenny Lofton, as a one to two year stopgap for young players Cole Gillespie or Lorenzo Cain.

I would take option two and go with someone like Jose Guillen. He would provide a great bat for two to three years and by the time his contract is up, they would have young prospects ready to take the spot. Giving Guillen a three year deal worth 30-35 million makes sense, but I don't know if it will happen. If Jenkins is let go, I see the Indians going after him. Kenny Lofton did not seem to happy last night with the coaching staff in Cleveland and may walk. He has played with seven teams in eight years and I see him moving on again. The Brewers number one priority is signing Cordero, so seeing Jenkins walk might happen. The Tigers need a left handed hitter who can play left field or first base and Jenkins does fit the bill. He is thirty three and versatile, and would be a big upgrade over Timo Perez. Also, it would not be a long term commitment so it would be low risk for the Tigers.